Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybelline cousins worship Tom Mix, as little boys.

Maybelline cousins, Noel Allen Williams and William Preston Williams Jr. 

They may not have ended up on the back of a horse, but their love for beautiful automobiles, influenced by their uncle Tom Lyle Williams and Tom Mix, enriched their taste for elegance.

 The Cadillac Cowboy, pulled in $17,000 a week in the 1920's and was every little boys, Western Hero.

                             Tom Mix, 1937 Cord 812 Convertible. 

Mix was killed. In the fall of 1940, while speeding along a gravel road, between Tucson and Phoenix, when he came upon the site of a road crew. The Cord crashed through the barriers, swerved violently, plowed into the ditch, and rolled, killing 60-year old Mix. Today a monument marks the spot. 

 Tom Lyle Williams, with his 1940, convertible Packard, at the Villa Valentino.

Bill Williams with his first little car.  Christmas, 1926.

Noel Allen, standing outside his Daddy's garage, already a gentleman, automobile enthusiast.

 Bill Williams dressed like Tom Mix, with his new wheels, in 1930.

 Noel Allen Williams dressed like Tom Mix, with his famous white hat, 1930.

 Cowboy Noel, getting ready to shoot em up in the Old West with his cousin Bill, in 1930.

Bill standing on the running board of his uncle Noel's Buick, while his little cousin Noel Allen looks out the window, sad to leave, after a day of cowboy play!

Noel Allen's son Chuck, aka, BB1, inherits his fathers 1975 Rolls Royce, and restores it to its original glory.

 William Preston Williams lll, and Sharrie, in their father's 1977 Series 1, 13th edition, Clenet.   Five years after Bill's death, his favorite automobile is back, in its full glory.

See Bill's Clenet, Oct. 28 -30, at the Santa Barbara Concours D' Elegance and meet the family.

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