Friday, November 25, 2011

Maybelline Heir - RACE CAR DRIVER - Jerry Westhouse and the Indy 500 .

 Like Grandfather like Grandson!  Jerry Westhouse loves anything with wheels.

 Eva and Ches Haines, with their first grandchild, Jerry Westhouse, in the 1970's.  Ches continued his love for beautiful automobiles until the end of his life and passed on his legacy to his grandson, Jerry.  After the Maybelline company sold in 1967, Ches bought matching Rolls Royce's for Eva and himself, with vanity plates that said, Eva and Ches.  Now that's true love!!

 My cousin, Jerry Westhouse racing dirt bikes, in the 1970's, aspired to be a race car driver!! 

                           Jerry Westhouse today.

Jerry Westhouse, still has the racing spirit, and parlayed it into a career, after meeting Paul Newman, the actor and racing enthusiast, in the 1970's.  My cousin Jerry has worked for Paul Newman and Newman/Haas racing for years, and is one of the team players, who helps build Indie 500 race cars.

Newman Haas Racing - Car 2 - Oriol Servia - Las Vegas Parade 2011 - In-Car Video

                                 Jerry Westhouse

Once the car was completed, Westhouse was chosen to drive the new ride, which was shaken down with conventional bodywork. (click below for full story.)

Read more about Jerry Westhouse's grandfather Ches Haines, who passed on his love for cars to his grandson in, The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.  Get signed copies for the Holidays at
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway complex was built in 1909 as a gravel-and-tar track and hosted a smattering of small events, including ones for motorcycles.

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