Thursday, November 24, 2011

Maybelline Super Heroes and Alphas.

No wonder I've always been attracted to dynamic, Charismatic men.  I grew up surrounded by Super Heroes and Alphas!!!!

Sharrie Williams with her great uncle, Ches Haines, 1965.

Between my own Grandfather, Preston Williams, (whom I never met, but know he was a major-Alpha,) 
my father Bill, a Super-Alpha,  
my great-uncle Tom Lyle, well, I rest my case on him, what more can I say about Super Heroes!!! 
 My great uncle Noel, a Super Hero, among        
Super Heroes, and my two great uncle's
 Chet Hewes and Ches Haines, both over the top, Sparkling-Super-Hero-Alphas, it was hard to accept anything less than perfection.... 

These men set the bar so high, nobody could ever really live up to them.  So bitter-sweet as it was, being surrounded by such dynamic, charismatic giants, the only thing I could do, was tell their story, bring them back to life and hope my readers might feel their magic too.  May they inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

 We all have the Super Hero, Alpha-gene, in us, if we just believe!!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all my followers in America, and thank you to the 95 countries around the world, who check into the Maybelline Blog everyday.  I hope getting to know my family, touches your lives and gives you the will, to make your dreams a reality. Happy Holidays one and all.

Don't forget to listen to my Super Hero-Alpha, great uncles, Tom Lyle and Ches Haines, recording a vintage Maybelline commercial in 1947. 

ALPHAS trailer.

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