Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maybelline Men and their obsession with style.

Part of the American Dream was owning a beautiful Automobile and for some that became a life long affection. 

Eva Williams-Haines in the the family's new 1930 Pontiac Sedan.  Proud Papa Ches - with his Kodak camera - took this picture of the family, with their daughter's June and Marilyn eagerly looking out the window in the back seat.

Here is Ches Haines with his new, 1940, Pontiac Sedan, now big enough to carry three or four kids in the back seat.  A car like this was a mark of success and while Tom Lyle owned custom Packard's,
Ches Haines was a true, Pontiac man.  

Just Married in 1924, Eva and Ches began a life together that would span over 50 years.  During those years, Ches continued his love for beautiful automobiles and by the 1960's, bought a new one every year or two.

Eva and Ches Haines, in 1940, now had three kids; June, Marilyn and Bobby.  Life was good.  Maybelline continued  skyrocketing to the moon - providing security and prosperity, at the end of the Great Depression.  

     Eva and Ches in 1952, with their first grandchild, Jerry Westhouse, Marilyn's son.  Jerry grew up, influenced by his grandfather's enthusiasm for beautiful automobiles, and would eventually race them in the 1970's, and is still part of the racing world, through Newman/Haas Racing.  

Read more about Eva and Ches in, The Maybelline Story, and be sure to scroll down and listen to Ches Haines sing with his brother in law, Tom Lyle Williams, in a pretend broadcast, of The Maybelline Hour, presenting "Penthouse Serenade."

Also don't forget to try Eva's Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler,   (look under Past Events, for video of Sharrie making it on AZTV.)   The recipe is at the bottom of this web page, just scroll down.       

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