Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maybelline's secret, revealed in Laguna Beach!

My Presentation of The Maybelline Story, for the American Association of University Women, was a smashing success.

In a casual, relaxed manner, surrounded by Laguna Beach locals, I was able to bring, The Maybelline Story, alive through 232 slides of vintage family pictures and Maybelline advertisements.

Giving my 45 minute presentation to a packed house.

Laguna Beach Books, was full of friends and family, as well as curious locals who enjoyed the article about The Maybelline Story in the Laguna Beach Magazine and Independent News Paper.

Friends I had not seen in several years showed up to buy my book and put a smile on my face.

Men and women of all ages said the presentation was fascinating and I was asked to do it again next year for the Laguna Beach Women's Club.

If you missed my presentation, you can still experience The Maybelline Story coming alive by reading it yourself.  It is an amazing story about a young entrepreneur, with a great idea, who set the cosmetic world on fire, yet hide from the public, to keep his secret from destroying the Maybelline Company, in the 20th Century.

Long time Laguna Beach friends, Donna Beam, Ceil Sharman, me and Sharrie Yamamoto.

My sister Donna Williams and childhood friend Cheryl Manbeck, both make an appearance in The Maybelline Story.

Watch this very short video and see how - so very simply, with the utmost respect -  I reveal my great uncle's secret.

The Maybelline story is available on Kindle and The Nook, as well as being available at Barnes and Nobel.  You can purchase a signed copy from me at 

The Maybelline Story makes great Holiday gifts for your Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunts, and friends.  Men say they can't put it down as well.  After all it is the story of advertising in the 20th Century.

Stay tuned next week for more great posts on The Maybelline Blog.

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