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Tom Lyle Williams and Emery Shaver, together in life and death.

Tom Lyle Williams and Emery Shaver..... Family men, and Entrepreneurs. 

Tom Lyle Williams, Emery Shaver's sister and brother, Emery Shaver sitting on the ground with the dog, another sister, Ches Haines and TL's sister, Eva Williams-Haines.
This picture of the Williams and Shaver's, was taken after Tom Lyle bought his new 1921 Packard.  The second outstanding automobile TL would own over his lifetime. 

TL's, first car, was the Paige Detroit, bought in 1916.  The reason he loved his new Packard so much, was because the entire family could squeeze into it for a Sunday drive. 

 I had a picture of my father, Bill Williams as a baby, with his parents, Preston and Evelyn and the whole Williams family, cruising in TL's big black Packard, and it looked a little like the picture below! 

(My picture was lost in the Laguna Beach firestorm, in 1993, when my home was burned to the ground.)

              The Memphis Police Department's 1921

TL's first custom made automobile was the Paige Detroit.  Known as the most beautiful car in the world.

Tom Lyle and Emery were together for nearly 50 years and are entombed together in death. 

Tom Lyle and Emery ran the advertising division of the Maybelline Company, at the Villa Valentino in the Hollywood Hills.  When the Villa was torn down to make room for the Hollywood freeway, in 1949, they moved to a modern stone and glass estate in Bel Air California.

After Emery's sudden death in 1964, Tom Lyle decided to sell the Maybelline Company.  Which he did in December, 1967. 

Read the whole story in The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It. 

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