Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1924 and 1925 fashion, from The Maybelline Story.

Vintage Maybelline Fashion Week, from Chicago, in 1924 and 1925, from The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It. 

1925 and 1925 fashion, featured a dropped waist, longer skirt lengths, straight tunic bodice, with a Grecian or Oriental influence.  Clothes were less structured than before and moved fashion firmly into the twentieth century.

My grandmother, Evelyn's, Sister, Verona (Boecher,) Stroh, seen here with her new baby, Billy Stroh, wears a chic, fashionable ensemble, ideal for a new mother married to a young successful businessman in 1924.

Verona (Boecher) Stroh with her husband, Charlie, and baby Billy, pose, as a stunningly well dressed couple in Chicago, outside their new home, being built in 1924.  Verona, never even went to the mailbox, without her Maybelline, earrings and...
 fashionable attire... her entire life.

My grandmother, Evelyn's sister Bunny (Boecher,) Cotter, was the sporty dresser among the three girls, and loved being seen in the latest Vogue fashion for every season.

1925 fashion for the average woman, (meaning - not a Flapper,) still appeared modest in length, but was usually accessorised and wrapped in fur.

Here are my grandparents, Preston and Evelyn (Boecher,) Williams in 1925.  Nana is wrapped in a fur coat, while Grandpa Preston, dressed to the teeth, looks like a High-Fashion, model.  Can you imagine young people in today's world taking the time and effort to look this stunning in their daily lives.  Nana was always a fashion plate, even in her late 70's, and Grampa Preston, modeled for Lord and Taylor after WW1. 

Bunny (Boecher,) Cotter, with her new husband Harold, in 1925, looks elegant, in a fur coat, with a fur collar.   Stay tuned this week for Bunny in a bathing suit, riding attire and dressed for driving in fast cars.

Verona (Boecher,) Stroh and Bunny (Boecher,) Cotter, always ahead of the fashion curve, inch their skirt's up, as 1926, approaches. 

Want to know what was going on in Chicago, as the Boecher Sister's, pose for the camera?  It all unfolds beautifully in my book, The Maybelline Story.  The blog is a nice complement to the book, for those who want to see more of my family, as they live their lives throughout the pages of my book. Get your copy today.

    Vintage Fashion week to be continued:   

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