Thursday, February 23, 2012

F.Scott Fitzgerald' - Tales of the Jazz Age!

I've chosen, F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tales of the Jazz Age,  to evoke visions of Flappers and Jazz-Bo's during the 1920's.
Fitzgerald's fascination with wealth, creates a subtle social critique in his 1922 classic.

Written before the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald portrays the casual, elegant, lifestyle of the wealthy during the the 1920, Jazz Age.

When I found my great aunt Bunny's photo album, I was amazed at the stylishly Gatsby lifestyle, she and her husband Harold Cotter lived, during the Jazz Age, in Chicago.  They had no children, so were able to devote themselves to each other like no other couple in my family.

Elegant men's Fashion in the 1920's sparked, a dash of prestige and glamour often seen in my late
 aunt Bunny's pictures.

Harold, looks dashing, in his navy jacket, white slacks, and two toned shoes, hugging a couple of
 elegantly attired Ladies.

Dressed, like he's ready for his close up, Harold poses for the camera, on a trip to Florida.

Before World War 1, men had little variety in their choice of clothing, but after the Jazz age was in full swing, men's fashion exploded into High Fashion
 and big business.

Harold on the right, with a friend, look like their right out of the 1974,  film, The Great Gatsby.  Gatsby was famous for his closet full of beautiful shirts and ties - 
a trademark of an elegant gentleman.

Looking sporty with a wild colored knit sweater, and two toned shoes, Harold has the right look for 1927.

The mark of a fashionable gentleman in the 1920's, included the right hat and overcoat, especially in Chicago, where my family lived during that time.

Nobody, carried off that distinguished silhouette better than my grandfather, William Preston Williams, seen here in a Lama-skin, coat, with his son, and my father, Bill Williams in, 1925.

 The 1920's opened the door for men and women to kick up their heals, call a spade a spade and strut their stuff.

When it came to jazzing it up, Bunny and Harold Cotter,  carried the torch, for fashion, style and elegance, in 1927, seen her, sitting on their sporty convertible.

In full Flapper regalia, Bunny in the middle, with some friends, shows off her legs and short Flapper dress in a vampy pose around 1926.

In a moment of quiet repose, Harold and Bunny (Boecher,) Cotter, relax at the Boecher Summer home, on Lake Zurich in 1927.  Bunny, always the fashion plate, wears a shapeless, dropped waist cotton dress, while Harold, Don's sexy sunglasses, giving them the perfect storybook ending to today's post...

Stay tuned as, Vintage Maybelline Fashion Week, continues tomorrow. 

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