Tuesday, March 27, 2012


                Best mascaras of all time

                       By Kari Molvar,
                       Harper's Bazaar

Some women go to serious lengths to avoid leaving the house with bare lashes (and then only with dark sunglasses on). That all-important flick of mascara frames your face, pulling together your entire look in a few strokes.

So which trusty wands have inspired the most devotion among the lash pack? Here,

      BAZAAR reveals the definitive list.

        Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

                       Why we love it:
This classic drugstore mascara has been thickening lashes since the ‘70s with its signature, easy-to-handle narrow wand and clump-free formula that resists smudging but washes off in a cinch.

   Iconic status: completely deserved.

Check in tomorrow and view - part one - of my interview with Steve Snyder of Vault Cars.  We will be discussing, Maybelline Icon, founder, Tom Lyle Williams, classic, 1940 Packard Victoria.

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