Monday, March 26, 2012

Maybelline's spectacular one of a kind classic car.

Meeting with Packard historian, and owner of VAULT CARS,  Steve Snyder, was a real eye opener!!!

Steve brought out a thick folder, documenting the history of my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, Packard Victoria and gave us a history lesson that few car collectors ever hear.  But before all the fun began, I signed my book, The Maybelline Story, to his parents, Bill and Jo Ellen Snyder..... who also had priceless stories about this special car.

According to Steve's documentation, the Packard Victoria, was advertised for sale in 1952,  in Los Angeles, in a big photo ad in..... 

October 1952 Motor Trend,
                    the October issue if Motor Trend, for $2,900.

That sum would have purchased a brand new '52 Buick Super Convertible, so the 12 year old Packard was still mighty desirable at the time.

Next, It was shown in a color photo, in it's
 original cream color....

                                in Borgeson & Jaderquist's 1955 book,
                                "Sports and Classic Cars." 

January, 1955 Motor Trend.

                   In January 1955 Motor Trend ads,

                    had the car available for $1,200....

According to Steve, the car showed up in the February, 1966 issue of Hemmings Motor News, which was then quaintly organized into
 "Ford" and "Non-Ford" sections.

"It's an easy car to spot," Steve said, "since the combination of 1940 chassis with 148" wheelbase, Bohman and Schwartz Victoria bodywork..... 

and, Horse head, hood ornament and unique headlight bezels and parking lights identify this car."

Bill Snyder, (the owner since 1971,) had a conversation with Chris Bohman, who told him, "this was the only car on the 148' wheelbase, and the only Packard Victoria done by Bohman & Schwartz in 1940."

In 1971, the car turned up again...

 in Old Cars Weekely, in Kahoka, Missouri, and when Bill Snyder saw the ad, the rest was history.

According to Steve's father, Bill Snyder, there was

 one other Packard Victoria done by Bohman & Schwartz, but it's a 1941 model, on a shorter, 138" Chassis, and it has a different fender treatment and hood ornament.
Bill, Jo Ellen and Steve Snyder.

Stay tuned tomorrow,  for a taped interview with Steve Snyder, as he sits at the wheel of the Packard Victoria and tells the entire story.

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