Friday, March 9, 2012

Maybelline Story wows, The Laguna Beach Womens Club..

The Maybelline Story, was presented, at the Laguna Beach Womens Club, March 7th, and was well received by a packed house of ladies, aging between 21 and 99 years of age.  The audience was amazed to find, that the nearly 100 year old Brand, had such a big family and story behind it.

The Laguna Beach Womens Club, provided a cozy, intimate setting, for me to tell The Maybelline Story and show vintage Maybelline, ads, family photos and vintage Maybelline products.  

                                                Ladies of the View.

Along with my sister Donna Williams,  my childhood friend, Cheryl Manbeck (on the left,) my close friend and neighbor, Barbara Idzerda - 

we created a panel discussion, much like -

My sister, Donna and I, here,  along with Cheryl Manbeck and Barbara Idzerda, were pleased with our performance, and continued the discussion, while lunching at Zink Cafe and Market, in Laguna Beach.

I will be presenting, at a Newport Beach Book Club, on March 15......and be making a video..... along with my cousin Chuck Williams, aka, BB1..... March 18th..... of our great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, 1940, Packard Victoria.... that has been in the Bill Snyder classic car collection, for the last 40 years.  So stay tuned for more fun, fun, fun, with me and the Maybelline book as we continue our tour in Southern California this month. 

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