Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tom Lyle Williams 1940 Packard Victoria HERE WE COME!!!

My cousin, Chuck Williams, aka, BB1, and my sister Donna Williams and I are on our way to see our great uncle Tom Lyle Williams, 1940 Packard Victoria!!!

    Chuck Williams, aka, BB1, with his Factory 5, Cobra.

Sharrie Williams, with her father Bill Williams, 1977, Clenet, Series 1, number 13.

               Donna Williams at the Santa Barbara
                     2011, Concours d' Elegance.

The three of us love vintage automobiles, especially our great uncle Tom Lyle Williams classic custom Packard's.

Tom Lyle's 1940 Packard Victoria, is owned by Bill Snyder.  We will meet with Bill and his son, Steve Snyder, owner of VAULT CARS, to see the Packard, for the first time since Tom Lyle sold it over 60 years ago.

Stay tuned for pictures and video's tomorrow.

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