Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tom Lyle's flashy little yellow 1926 Kissel, what a head turner.

          Tom Lyle Williams 1926 Kissel,

Here is a picture of Tom Lyle's sister, Mabel Williams.....Maybelline's namesake.....with her new husband, Chet Hewes, on their wedding day, in 1926. The Newlywed's are posing next to Tom Lyle's new yellow 1926 Kissel.  I believe TL eventually, gave this car to his partner Emery Shaver, who in turn, gave it to Tom Lyle Jr. in 1932, when TL Jr, was a student and captain of the football team, at Duke University. 

If only Tom Lyle, had kept his beautiful cars..... there might be a Maybelline car collection today.  

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