Tuesday, March 13, 2012


After the 1916 Paige Detroit, Tom Lyle, bought this exquisite looking automobile, I'm guessing, between.  I've been told, it's not a Packard, because it doesn't have the ox-yoke radiator design.  Any suggestions? 

Tom Lyle standing on the left, his partner Emery Shaver sitting on the ground. Not sure who the lady is next to TL, but his sister Eva, (in black,) and her husband  Ches Haines, are on the right.  The fashion dates this picture between 1921 and 1925.

The fashion dates this picture around 1925.  Tom Lyle's brother Noel J. is on the far right, while their sister, Eva, is the second lady on the left.  The automobile looks custom made, like all of TL's cars.  Any suggestions from my car guy readers, please email me at maybellinebook@gmail.com.

Check in tomorrow for another one of Tom Lyle Williams, outstanding classic automobiles.   

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