Monday, March 12, 2012

1917 Paige Detroit,"the most beautiful car in America."

                  To celebrate Tom Lyle Williams,
           116 Birthday.....Jan 19, 1896.....

My cousin, Chuck Williams, aka, BBI, and I met with Steve Snyder, of Vault Cars, at Barrett Jackson's Classic Car Auction, in Scottsdale Arizona....We discussed our great uncle's, 1940 Packard Victoria.... which has been in Steve's, father, Bill Snyder's, collection for over 40 years.

Tom Lyle Williams,

What came out of that meeting, was a decision to meet on March 18, to view the Packard Victoria and make a video, for my blog. Check this video of Chuck and Sharrie toasting Tom Lyle's 116th Birthday.

Tom Lyle's, first automobile was the,, Paige Detroit, click on highlighted, Paige Detroit for a one of my earlier posts, about Tom Lyle and this amazing classic!!!!


 Lash-Brow-Ine History, Click highlighted, for an earlier post and get the big picture of what was going on when Tom Lyle, purchased The Paige Detroit, known as the most beautiful car in the world, in 1917.

When Lash-Brow-Ine, became Maybelline, in 1917, Tom Lyle, celebrated by buying, The Paige Detroit.

The first liquid Maybelline followed Maybelline cake mascara in 1917.

Each day this week I will show another automobile, owned byMaybelline's King of Advertising, Tom Lyle Williams.

Stay tuned as we head towards seeing TL's Packard!!!

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