Sunday, March 11, 2012

Italy scientists find skeleton that may be real Mona Lisa

Archaeologists on Tuesday July 17, 2012. unearthed a skeleton in a rare state of preservation in Florence in what they believe may be a crucial step towards unraveling the mystery of the identity of the woman with the most enigmatics mile in the world. click below for the whole story.

   1937 Maybelline Ad shows  Mona Lisa    with made-up Maybelline eyes.

She always gets a big hand, during my Maybelline One Woman Show.

10 min of my Beverly Hills Women's Club presentation. It starts off with a 1947, recording of Tom Lyle Williams, doing a pretend Maybelline radio show, called Penthouse Serenade, with Rags Ragland Sr.  playing the piano, and Chester Haines, singing.

Stay tuned as my cousin Chuck Williams, aka,BB1 and I prepare to visit VAULTCARS, and see our great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, 1940 Packard Victoria.

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