Monday, May 28, 2012


Today I honor the men in my family who served in the Armed Forces and fought in WW1 and WW11.

My Grandfather, William Preston Williams served in the Navy during WW1.  Seen here with his family in 1917.  Right to left, Preston, Eva, Tom Lyle, Mabel, Noel J. Their parents, Susan and TJ Williams.

Maybelline Ad during WW11, promoting War Bonds.

My father, Bill Williams (W.P. Williams Jr.) in the Philippines during WW11. Detailed in my book.

                        Maybelline Ad during WW11.

My Father's first cousin, Noel A. Williams, (Chuck aka BB1's father,) joined the Navy right out of High School.

            Noel A. in his Navy uniform during WW11.

My father's first cousin - (on his mother Evelyn Boecher Williams side) - Bill Stroh.  Bill Stroh, is seen here on the right, standing with two Naval buddies on their Ship during WW11.
Bill Stroh in the middle.  I have done several posts about Bill Stroh and his 1965 Shelby 350 Mustang racing car.

Bill Stroh, during WW11. Want to know more about Bill Stroh, check him out in my archives.

                                              Patriotic Taps.

SIDE NOTE:  My cousin, Noel A. Williams son, Chuck aka BB1, is picking up Mike Love, at the Beach Boy Jet in Santa Barbara today and will take him to lunch then escort him to The Beach Boy Memorial Day Concert, at the Santa Barbara Bowl for sound check.  Pictures and stories will be posted so stay tuned.

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