Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A portion of the profits from The Maybelline Story goes to INSTRUMENTS 4 AFRICA

Tama Walley

A portion of the profits from my book INSTRUMENTS 4 AFRICA.....Instruments4africa founded by my friends, Paul Chandler and his wife Tama Walley.  Paul is an artist, educator and producer living and teaching in Mali since 2003.  

Paul Chandler and Bono in Mali.
Paul has produced events and organized projects in Mali for National Geographic, NY Times, Carnegie Hall, USAID, Johns Hopkins/Bloomberg School of Public Health, US Department of State, and BONO’s non-profit organization DATA.  He is a certified teacher of music and language arts at the American International School of Bamako.  Tama Walley is currently studying child development for her Masters in Social Work.  She is a certified yoga teacher & bodyworker and her background is in volunteer management.
Please contact us for further information or to make donations at:
Mali telephone: (223)


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