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During the ’30s to the ’60s movie magazines around the world were overflowing with glamorous photographs of movie stars. One of the most interesting photographers working during this period was Paul Hesse who helped pioneer the use of color film in commercial art. (Old Movies Nostalgia.)

Paul Hesse and Elyse Knox.
Elyse Knox married fashion photographer
Paul Hessewho had shot many of her print ads and magazine covers. 

                                            Elyse Knox

MAYBELLINE LIGHTS THE WAY TO NEW EYE BEAUTY, signed Elyse Knox.  By 1938 Paul Hesse had earned his reputation as one of the best commercial photographers working in New York. He was traveling to Hollywood several times a year to shoot glamorous photos of the stars for Photoplay magazine and he became the first photographer to use color in a national advertising campaign

Elyse Knox
Hesse enjoyed working with actors and he created many popular celebrity endorsed ad campaigns for companies such as  Maybelline, Rheingold Beer, Chesterfield Cigarettes, Lipton Tea, Royal Crown Cola and Studebaker automobiles. He also shot many photos for American Magazine.

     Elyse Knox
His colorful and hyper-realistic portraits of celebrities had a very distinct style that is still noticeable today. 

Elyse Knox.
The actress Greer Garson once said that Paul Hesse was, “greatly in demand by the leading national magazines to create cover-portraits to delight the eye. The result would be a true-to-life likeness but idealized, or glamorized if you will, by his superb technique in producing only delectable color values.”

Elyse Knox.
In 1940 Hesse decided to move to Los Angeles where he opened a new studio on Sunset Boulevard that became a gathering place for Hollywood stars and industry bigwigs. According to the book Masters of Starlight: Photographers In Hollywood, he was awarded the title of “Hollywood’s Photographic Ziegfeld” by a committee of unnamed movie stars in recognition of his contribution to their careers. 

Elyse Knox dies at 94; 
B-movie actress inthe 1940s.

Elyse Knox appeared in nearly 40 films. She was

perhaps best known for the only horror film she ever 

made, 'The Mummy's Tomb,' with Lon Chaney Jr. as the


monster who kidnaps her.

Elyse Knox and Tom Harmon.

While appearing on the Bing Crosby radio show, Elyse 

Knox met football star Tom Harmon

They were engaged to marry, but ended the relationship 

when Harmon entered the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1942.

Later that year, Knox married fashion photographer

Paul Hesse  The marriage was brief. Following her

divorce and Tom Harmon's return from World War II

during which he survived two plane crashes and being 

(lost in the jungle), she and Harmon married in 1944.

Knox's wedding dress was made from silk from the

parachute Harmon used when bailing out of his crippled 



Tom Harmon
 The couple remained together until his death in 1990. 

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 photographed by the Great Paul Hesse.

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