Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER, Veronica Noade for Maybelline Book: Vintage Beauty Week

My name is Veronica Noade, I'm a Canadian recording artist, model, and actress based out of Winnipeg Manitoba. Over the past few years I have been working hard to establish myself in both the Canadian music and fashion industries. Throughout my journey I have found that my "image" has been the most influential factor to impact my career.

Anyone who works with photographers and other media outlets on a regular basis will surely agree; good photos are a necessity. Beautiful shots and poised interviews can mean all the difference in securing meetings and jobs.

 However, as an artist in the industry, I have found that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. It is important to remember that beauty can mean many different things. As a society and as individuals we are constantly evolving to redefine what beauty is and what it means in our every day lives. 

It can sometimes be difficult to not feel pressured to adapt oneself to fit the norm. Rather than changing to be the person the public wants to see, I try to accentuate my natural features so people want to see who I really am. 

Makeup is not about covering up your face; rather, it's a tool to enhance natural beauty and confidence, and I remind myself that every morning. 

My most recent photo shoot (with the blond hair) was done primarily with Maybelline products. We (the photographer and make up artists) chose to use the cream based makeup because it gives an airbrushed and moisturized finish.  

You can find me, my photos, and my music at www.veronicanoade.com and Wendy Shepherd's sites  http://www.officiallypluggedin.com/music/veronica-noade.php  and http://www.studiomatrix.com/ 

Thanks,Veronica Noade

SIDE NOTE FROM SHARRIE WILLIAMS: Beautiful models have been using Maybelline for 97 years and still find the slogan, "Quality yet Sensibly Priced," to be true.  Check back tomorrow for another beautiful guest blogger on the Maybelline Book Blog.

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