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Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara Review: by Professional makeup artist, Photographer and Beauty Blogger...

                                             Lovely Emily Rose 
  @LovelyEmilyR...Beauty blogger for babes on a budget! 

I have truly never found a mascara that I adore this much. No clumping or sticking or flaking and my lashes look AMAZING. Here’s a few shots of it in action.

Mascara on both

Mascara only on the left 
Unflattering, but it does a good job of showing how drastic the difference between the lashes with Falsies and the lashes without any mascara. 
While this coats my lashes beautifully, it doesn’t make them super super thick, but it does a great job of lengthening. I do love this mascara, but the lack of “false lash” volume leaves something to be desired.  Of course, this might not be possible, so I’m looking forward to trying actual false lashes. I want to give it a 10 because it’s a fantastic mascara for the price (about $7), but I see a tiny bit of room for improvement. That being said, this is probably as close to perfect as you’ll
 get for this price.
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Side note from Sharrie Williams;, 
did you know that after nearly 100 years, Maybelline....
now Maybelline New York..... is still the most popular
mascara on the planet and yes it's because it's still the best quality and the most sensibly priced.

                    Maybelline was the first mascara sold in the United States in 1915.

              The first mascara to use a Black Model to represent Ultra Lash in 1964.

                        The first to advertise Natural Hair False Eye Lashes in 1967.

            The first to create the all time...and still most popular mascara in the world... 
                                              GREAT LASH MASCARA, in 1971. 

Thank you so much Lovely Emily Rose for being my guest blogger today and I hope you will order my book, The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It and write a review on the Maybelline Book Blog...  Sharrie Williams (Author)   

Stay tuned tomorrow for another fabulous Guest Blogger and more fun Vintage Maybelline updates.

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