Friday, July 13, 2012

A GREAT QUESTION FROM LINDA1983 @youpleasureme44

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Anyone looking for the ultimate eyeliner, try Maybelline Unstoppable. You will not be disappointed...I'm not.   I can't believe I have been using maybelline over 30 years. WOW!!!  That's a long time:   Sharrie, can you post a blog about how Maybelline make-up has changed frokm the past to the present. I have some wonderful insite.

Thank you Linda for that interesting question.....I'd love to hear your insight on how Maybelline has changed over the last 30 years.

Stay tuned next week for the answer to Linda's question.  Just a hint....Advertising was and is the secret to Maybelline and Maybelline New York's tremendous success over the last 97 years.  I will show you how Maybelline's advertising has changed as well as the evolution of their product line.

Thank you for following the Maybelline Book Blog and be sure to send me your stories and reviews to with pictures and be my next guest blogger.

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