Monday, July 16, 2012


To answer Linda @youpleasureme44's question:  How has Maybelline changed over the last 30 years? I dug through these old commercials to present a first hand view of fashion in the 1980's along with Maybelline's new product line.
 When my great uncle Tom Lyle Williams owned and operated the Maybelline Company from 1915 through 1967, Maybelline was strictly for the Eyes, but by the 1980's, Maybelline products included lipstick, face makeup moisturizing cream, lip Gloss and blush.  Nail Polish was still a way's off, but would eventually be included in Maybelline New York's line.
So Linda, remember that first time you walked into the drugstore to purchase your first mascara at 14 and twriled the display center so fast the product's flew all over the floor?  There were so many more choices in 1984, than your mother had when she was a girl... but the one thing you knew...was that Maybelline represented quality for a sensible price... just like your mother and her mother counted on decades before!!! Please enjoy a walk down memory lane and let me know what memories come up for you!!! 
Sandra Freeman for a Maybelline Blooming Colors commercial, 1980.  
Linda Carter, 1981 Maybelline Moisture Whip Moisturizer, 
1984, Maybelline commercial, I'm at my best with Maybelline.
Linda Carter 1980's commercial for Maybelline Fresh Lash Mascara.
Kathy Ireland for Maybelline Rich and Gentle Mascara, 1984.
Linda Carter, 1984, commercial for Maybelline Moisture Whip Lipstick.
Linda Carter, 1986, commercial for Maybelline, Moisture Whip Makeup
Linda Carter, 1988, commercial for Maybelline Performing Mascara, Smart and Beautiful.

Continued into the 1990's tomorrow.

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