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I found this fabulous picture of Marjorie Woodworth on Ebay for $59.00 if you are interested please click to view.

In 1938, leggy 15 year old Marjorie Woodworth was an extra, playing a baton twirler in Twentieth Century Fox'  Alexander's Ragtime Band. In 1941 Hal Roach Studios,  groomed her to be the next Blond Bombshell...the likes of Jean Harlow, (who died in 1936.)  But in 1939 when Fox-Girl, Betty Grable with her million dollar legs, singing and dancing talent, rose to stardom, Marjorie became just another pretty face on the B-movie Queen circuit. 

Marjorie was a favorite Pin Up Girl with the Soldiers during WW ll and received telegrams and hundreds of pieces of fan mail mainly from lovesick soldiers fighting in WWII.

The Studio's called my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams
 and asked him to do a series of Maybelline ads featuring Marjorie... hoping the PR might strengthen her fan base.  The teen-market loved her and she sold a ton of Maybelline Mascara, but that's about all that became of the big splash.

Marjorie Woodworth Personal Collection

. Click to view.  
Born: June 5th, in Los Angeles, California.Died:
 August 23, 2000 (age 77) in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

  Hal Roach discovered what most of Hollywood already knew: Stars aren't made, they're born and even though Marjorie had that California Girl glow and exuded plenty
of sex appeal, she didn't have the talent to take
 her to the top. 

Marjorie Woodworth, 1942

Typecast only as an ingenue ruined her chances of becoming box office star. This was common with so many beautiful young starlets, caught up in the Hollywood Studio/Star System.  Marjorie resembled Alice Faye and Betty Grable, but didn't have the Star Quality the Studio needed to bank role her.
( Click to see post on Betty Grable.)

They promoted her in Movie magazines...being
 seen with Hollywood's biggest male stars...They 
spent money on her clothes, acting lessons,
 grooming, singing and dancing lessons...but
 when it didn't pay off she faded from public view.


Broadway Limited.

All-American Co-Ed (DVD) Comedy (1941) 53 Minutes ~ Starring: Frances Langford, Johnny Downs, Marjorie Woodworth, Noah Beery Jr., Esther Dale ~ Directed By: LeRoy Prinz Movie Poster

Today few people remember Marjorie Woodworth, but today there seems to be a serge of renewed interest.

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