Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beauty Addict Princess london reviews Maybelline during Fashion Week on the Maybelline Book Blog.

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Here is Princess london's review of Maybelline mascara and eye shadow..... leave a comment if you agree or disagree.

 To say I am a beauty addict is an understatement I love trying new products. However,   I was always a little skeptic of drugstore makeup. But since trying Cover Girl eyeliner and falling in love with it,
I decided to try Maybelline.  I had seen the commercials for the new mascara and was curious to try it, since I had tried so many different mascaras that made my sensitive eyes cry.  I ended up buying the mascara and an eye shadow quad since it was on sale.
I am so happy I did. I find it hard to find a nice shade of pink shadow. However, this one is just the right shade. When blended together the colors will truly make your eyes pop. There are instructions on how to put on the shadows, but I put them on my own way. Put a dab of the white shadow in the corner of your eyes. Sweep the pink all over the eyes. The brown shade is meant to be used as a liner. However, I am more a fan of the old-school pencil liner. I used it as a shadow on top of the pink to darken up the look for the night. In addition, I added my beloved Cover Girl liner.
 Next came the true test would I fall in love with the Maybelline Mascara as much as the commercial made me think I would. And the answer is yes I did. This mascara is so amazing that when I went shopping for foundation a few days later that week .The person who was doing my makeup commented that my eyelashes look so good I do not need to wear mascara. I will admit you need to be careful when applying the shadow though. If you press your brush down to hard in the palate the powder will get to loose. So investing in a good brush is a good idea. Other than that, I cannot think of anything I dislike about the products. The mascara not only gave me longer lashes like it promised. It did not cause my eyes to turn red or make me cry like most other mascaras.
If I had to rate, the products on a scale of one to Ten I would give them nine and a half. The only thing they have to do to get a ten is make the shadow less breakable.
Next time you are wondering if someone was born with it, it is probably Maybelline.

Thank you so much for the charming review. Your blog is exciting and as fun an any online entertainment magazine. Hope you come back with more up to the minute news and by the way I'd love it if you bought my book, The Maybelline Story and wrote a review for me.
Warmly, Sharrie Williams

Princess london is an Aspiring Stylist tweet her if you need fashion advice or want to hire her. Also a writer, tweet her if you want her to write an article for you. 
twitter is @princesslondn.

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