Friday, September 28, 2012

Maybelline "It-Girl" Clara Bow passed away 47 years ago on September 27th 1965

 She was only 60 years old and was best remembered as the roaring twenties leading sex symbol.
In honor of her I have taken this Maybelline Clara Bow illustration from the 1920's and placed it on this adorable vintage mini-make-up bag - now available on my blog at

At the time Clara Bow was staring in Silent Films, Maybelline's little red box looked like this,

and came in liquid form as well.

Here is what the original Maybelline box looks like on my mini-make-up bag.
These little bags are great organizers for quickly locating many lost items in your purse.
And this is the sexy "It-Girl" illustration, featured in a Maybelline advertisement in the 1920's.
Before Maybelline... the eyes were the one feature on the
 face completely and positively overlooked.  Image that!!!

Part one of Clara Bow Documentary.

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Maybelline-It-Girl, Clara Bow unleashes the Excitement of the Roaring 20's.

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