Monday, October 1, 2012

Did somebody say Christmas in October!!! No not again!!! But wait there may be a reason to celebrate!!! Meet Elrood the Elf...

Check out my interview on Eddie McGarrity's Blog.

My new Twitter friend Eddie McGarrity has a new book out today October 1 - and it's going to be free for the first two days.

You can download from Amazon here:
or amazon where you are

Don't delay - it's free for two days only!

I don't know about you, but knowing that the Holidays are only 90 day's away is hard to believe.  I'm just not ready for the commercialism of Christmas again!!  But I do love Elrood the Elf and want to introduce him to my followers.  I know he will put me in the Holiday Spirit and I bet he'll do the same for you!!!  Take advantage of this free offer today and tomorrow and get your Holiday hats ready to go!!!

Interview with Elrood the Elf.....

Eddie is so excited about this one. Elrood, his famous Elf  , normally works on the toy production line at the North Pole, but has now been given a huge promotion. He's been sent to Antarctica where the Universal Merit program has
 been outsourced . Elrood visited us last week in
 preparation for book launch on the
 1st of October 2012.

Eddie: Welcome, Elrood. Is this your first time in Scotland?
Elrood: You know very well it's not. I visited when the first volume of my memoirs was released.

Eddie: Ah, yes, Elrood the Elf. How is the book doing? As your biographer-
Elrood: [interrupting] - as my typist..

Eddie:[pausing] ... as your biographer, I wondered how well received it has been.
Elrood: Very well received thank you. All 5* reviews on Amazon. Loads of followers on Twitter, people like the Facebook page, and I try and keep the fans happy

Eddie: And what are fans of Elrood like?
Elrood: Crazy!, don't print that.

Eddie: Moving on, what is your next book about?
Elrood: It's about me and my amazing promotion to head up the Universal Merit programme in the South Pole

Eddie: Why there?
Elrood: Well, it's one of the Polarzone economies, isn't it? They are basically going through some austerity measures so we decided to outsource the work there.

Eddie: And why were you chosen to head up this important project?
Elrood: I have a Production Excellence Award

Eddie: ...and...?
Elrood: I refer you to my earlier answer.

Eddie: [shuffling papers] Er, another question. This time from Hendogal, "Is Astrid in this one?"
Elrood: [long pause]: No comment

Eddie: ...okay. This one in from chickenlicken (where do they get these names): Any funny things happen in this new story?
Elrood: No, it's all completely serious. My life story is not for other people's amusement.

Eddie: A question from Broon: What is Universal Merit?
Elrood: It's a way of helping us decide what you get as a gift under the tree from the guy in the big red suit. It's not enough to know if someone is naughty or nice. You might be nice enough for a soft toy or nice enough for a new bike. It's a sliding scale. Think about it.

Eddie: When is the book out?
Elrood: Monday the 1st of October

Eddie: Where can we buy a copy?
Elrood: [sigh] Just put the links in, will you Eddie? You're the typist.

Eddie: Are you doing any more promotional work?
Elrood: Yes, you will be handing out leaflets and I'll be running a competition on Facebook - so keep an eye out there.

Eddie: Thanks for coming in today, Elrood.
Elrood: My pleasure, now get those spelling mistakes in the manuscript sorted out.

Eddie McGarrity's Blog..
You can also write him at:

Thanks Eddie for giving us this adorable book that will no doubt someday be a Holiday Classic.

Speaking of Classics, be sure to try my auntie Frances' Classic Christmas desert. Yes it's even great in October!!

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