Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swiss Maybelline Ambassador - Vote for Sara!!!

Dear Mrs Williams, my girlfriend SARA S.. is running for the Swiss Maybelline Ambassador.  Perhaps you could vote for her on and share this contest-link with your friends and partners? That would be really really kind.
 Thank you very much, Marco Borromeo 
@marco_borromeo Cinema Lover, Scenographical Designer, Concept Artist, Blogger, Aiport Employee·

                                      Please also visit her blog. 

Of course, I'm not that objective, but I think she's got a really unique look, quiet British and very fitting to Maybelline.
(Picture by Andrea of Chic in Zurich)
Maybellines description of Sara's style: "Sara S., discovered in Zurich. She is the proof that the elegant brit-pop-look takes over Switzerland with sophistication and elegance. Very  distinctive!"

 SARA S. for Maybelline Ambassador.


Dear lovely readers, with this post I am asking for your help: A few weeks ago a street casting for Maybelline Switzerland took place in several Swiss cities. More than 300 stylish girls entered, me among them. Now the jury choose their nine finalists and I am so happy to tell you that I am one of them! I would love to take the next step and win the competition, be the Maybelline Switzerland ambassador for half a year and fly to New York.

This is where you come in:
The winner will be chosen by a vote on Facebook and I need you to vote for me. From now on, you can vote every day till the 15th of October. Of course I would love all of you to vote for me every day! I promise I try to bring the Statue of Liberty with me from New York for all my wonderful readers (or if I can't at least another beautiful gift).

All it takes from you is to click this link and vote for me:

it's quiet easy: Confirm the Maybelline-App on Facebook. Like the Maybelline Street Style Site. And vote for SARA S
(for the english-speaking people: click on the blue button below her picture "ich stimme")


Dear Marco, I was touched by your sincere desire to help your girlfriend Sara reach for the title of Swiss Maybelline Ambassador.  She is a lucky girl to have a boyfriend like you helping her  reach for the stars.  And, you are a luck guy to have such a beautiful model perfect doll by your side.  I will vote for her and and encourage my followers to do the same.  Please let me know what happens so I can post the results.

My best, Sharrie Williams

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