Monday, December 17, 2012

Rare Egyptian 1934 Maybelline ad claims Ancient Proverb is still viable today...or not.

“A woman’s most powerful possession is a man’s imagination.”

A woman can inspire or deplete her man's spirit by the image she projects.   Men are naturally inspired by beauty of any kind... a beautiful car, a beautiful home and a beautiful woman.  Create an image of yourself that empowers yourself as well as your man.

These words of wisdom were passed down to me by my grandmother, Evelyn Williams, but may not work for today's modern woman...Yet, her beauty secrets are as enduring as the ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

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Maybelline ad promotes 1934 film, Cleopatra.

Cleopatra in 1934 directed by Cecil b. Demille and distributed by Paramount pictures. Legendary for its costumes and specially its set depicting Cleopatra (Claudette Colbert) seducing Mark Antony. The film won Academy awards for best Cinematography and was nominated for best Picture, Best Asst. Director among many others.

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