Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maybelline's Founder, Tom Lyle Williams - Christmas 1959.

My father Bill Williams with his uncle Tom Lyle Williams Christmas 1959
I remember soaking up the aroma of those red leather upholstered seats, as uncle Lyle stepped out of his brand new white convertible Cadillac that Christmas.
 My dad remarked that the deep red was symbolic of Maybelline's trademark color and called the car triple white, with red interior and extra big whitewall tires.
Uncle Lyle, gathered up the gifts given to him from movie stars, magazine editors, studio executives and advertising tycoons and said he didn't need it all... and would rather see us enjoy the fancy dried fruit from Italy, the Belgium cookies, German chocolates and French pastille candy drops.

 Seeing such delights once a year was a thrill,
 but not nearly as exciting as when he handed us kids
 our Christmas envelopes filled with a crisp $10.00 bill.
  It doesn't seem like much now, but in today's market
 it would be more like $100.00.

 After dinner I sang Bali High from  South Pacific and
 danced the costume,

while my ten year old sister Donna, waited to
 make her entrance as Marilyn Monroe.
 I'll never forget her wearing
 pink wig, false eyelashes and holding a
 long cigarette holder while dancing to
 Bobby Darin'sMack The Knife.

It was all very entertaining, as you can well imagine,
 but nothing was more memorable than watching uncle
 Lyle's face, as he marveled at my adorable little 4 year
 old sister Billee, dancing to Rudolph the
Red Nosed Reindeer.

I will never forget those wonderful days when
 we were young and Innocent and the wonder of Christmas
 was still so alive in our hearts. 

Stay tuned as I relive Christmas memories. I'd love to
 hear yours and post them on my blog. 

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