Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sharrie and Chuck Wiillams BB1, celebrate their great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams 117th Birthday at the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction

Maybelline Family Classic Cars Slideshow

Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction with Sharrie and her Maybelline Cousins.

Sharrie and her cousin Chuck Williams, BB1, Cousin Nancy Williams Fesler and her husband EJ Fesler, toast their great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, 117th Birthday.

Sharrie, EJ and BB1 at Barrett Jackson Classic
 Car Auction standing next to the Lexus LFA, V10,
8 speed, Carbon Fiber, $375,000 showpiece. 

Cousin Chuck, BB1, owner of REEEEEL Convertibles, was able to speak with George Barris about the Batmobile.   Barris knew what others thought about the car, but that did not change his belief at all!  BB1 was wrong about the price but not the car. BB1, along with George Barris we're on both sides of Right and Wrong but both on the same page.   Barris, designer and owner of the Batmobile believed his car would sell for 4-5 million...He was right... It wound up selling for $4.2 million, to Rick Champagne, of Arizona, for his girlfriend, he said...The Batmobile, was the big
 surprise winner of the entire auction.

Of course the big event for me was seeing the Packard's and comparing to our great uncle Tom Lyle Williams 1934 and 1940 Packard's.

The Packard closest to Tom Lyle Williams 1940 one of a kind Packard Victoria.
Tom Lyle Williams 1934 custom 1934 Vee Windshield Dietrich Packard.

Tom Lyle Williams with his 1940 Packard Victoria.

Tom Lyle Williams 1940 Packard is now owned by Bill Snyder.

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