Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Walk with me through a 4 hour photo shoot at Glamour Shots

Hair and Make Up Artist Summer Tercero, gave me an Old Hollywood Movie Star image, using Maybelline of course. She has Maybelline shadow in her hand in the picture and boy did Maybelline make my blue eyes pop

Check out Summer transforming me into a Vintage Star.

After my hair and make up were perfect, I posed with three different accessory changes for my Photographer, Joseph James of Artography, who specializes in vintage fashion photography.  He was a master at talking me through 52 dramatic changes, until he captured the Vintage Diva lurking inside me..dying to come out for the last 20 years.  

The final results were spectacular, and after 4 hours of working with real professional's, I couldn't be happier with my stunning sepia toned photographs with special effects.

If you want a certain look that regular Photo Studio's don't seem to get, I recommend you try spending time and money at Glamour Shots. I bet you'll be as thrilled as I am... with the real you... caught in high resolution.


Summer Terero

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