Monday, April 22, 2013


I received this email March 11th

Dear Sharrie Williams,

My name is Brandon Dickson and I am a film student at California State University, Northridge. Currently, a group of us are in the preproduction stages of a documentary on Clenet automobiles as our senior thesis. We heard about your family's history with the #13 car and saw a video of you speaking about it and its' involvement in your life. We are really interested in speaking with you and perhaps interviewing you as a subject for our project. Please contact us as we look forward to working with you.


Brandon Dickson (Executive Producer)
Jennifer Fernandes (Director) --

I agreed to meet with Brandon and Jennifer with their film crew four days later on March 15th, and we shot clips for this mini-documentary.  The thesis being, "Why do Clenet owners still have such passion for their car 35 years later."  Here is the result of our collaboration.

After graduation, this Summer, Brandon and Jennifer plan to expand their film into a full length Documentary and enter in Film Festivals around the Country.


Brandon Dickson's childhood fascination with cameras and movies has blossomed into college with honors and a career in film and TV production. He began producing shorts and YouTube videos in 7th grade and hasn't stopped since. His dedication to high production values and interesting subject matter is evident in his work as he continues to produce documentaries, narratives, and photography for all occasions.

Jennifer Fernandes is a self-motivated and hardworking television production student who strives to outdo her expectations for every project she becomes involved in. After spending a year and a half studying biology she realized that her true passion lies in the creative world of television and film. As she eagerly progresses through her courses and gains valuable knowledge, her passion grows. Jennifer continues to work hard with determination towards advancing her career in the professional world ahead.

Steve Kouracos, Clenet's original Fabricator, featured driving the Clenet, 

Trailer...Gatsby will be released May 10, 2013 at theatres everywhere. 

A screen grab of a Buick chasing a Duesenberg from THE GREAT GATSBY (Warner Bros.)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan lead the cast. 
The soundtrack for the film was produced by Jay-Z and features his wife Beyonce’
Bill Williams

Want to  know more about Bill Williams and his 1977, Series 1, Gatsby-Clenet, number 13  click on past posts I have done. Click link below.

THE GREAT GATSBY (1974): Robert Redford was and still is the ultimate best Gatsby in my book.  The class, the sophistication, the looks and the style. This new Gatsby is nothing more than a carnival ride with a beautiful background behind it. 

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