Thursday, June 20, 2013

Casa de Guillermo's, Timeless, Ageless and now Gone with the Wind - Maybelline Heir, Bill Williams, Palm Springs Estate,

The tour continues around the romantic grounds of the Casa
Built in 1929 for Silent Film Star Marie Dressler, my father, Bill Williams, bought this 2 acre estate in Palms Springs in 1973 and spent 2 years landscaping the grounds - while building a Guest House, tennis court, Koy Fish Pond, 5 hole chipping green, a stream that ran through the length of the property, and an extra garage to store is cars. The property was sold in  2006 for 3.5 million.  The new owner demolished the home and grounds and let the Koy Fish die after 30 years of lovingly being cared for. 

Bill and Gloria Williams Master Suite on the second floor included an office, a built in Mexican tiled bar, marble and mirrored bathroom with a sunken tub, a terrace and a 35 foot deck overlooking the property. 

Coming from a cosmetic family, my father created and ambiance of overwhelming beauty.
The deck overlooking the property and the chipping green are seen here, as well as the 4 car open garage.   

My father drew out his Guest House on a cocktail napkin while sitting at the bar, explaining to the builder what he wanted included.... A Master Suite, fully mirrored bathroom and shower that led outside to it's own private sunning patio. A playroom with slot machines, pinball machine, pool table, card table, plush sitting area, gourmet kitchen, weight lifting room, steam bath, bar b que pit and a second mirrored bathroom for guests using the pool.

Designed to look like a 1930's Old Hollywood movie set,
 the wrought iron patio furniture and intimate seating
 areas created the perfect party atmosphere.

   Stereo speakers hidden in the rocks
 played Frank Sinatra's music day and night 
Detail and perfection exploded everywhere with exquisite color, succulent smells and romantic sounds that captivated your soul and lifted your Spirits.
Like his uncle, Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams, Bill placed Rudolph Valentino's memorial statue, ASPIRATION, in the garden next to the stream and chipping green.
Here is a better view of the stream with ASPIRATION.

This magnificent walkway led from the pool,
 past the classic cars and chipping green to
 the Koy Fish Pond. At night the entire property
 was lit up to look like a fantasy land. 
The only words to describe Casa de Guillermo's magical wonderland is Old Hollywood Glamour.  We were so lucky to have spent 30 years here before my father's health declined and he sold the estate, the cars and all it's belongings in an estate sale, before moving to Lido Isle, in Newport Beach California, in 2004.  He died in 2006.

Stop back tomorrow and see the rest of the tour through Casa de Guillermo's

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