Friday, June 21, 2013

A final farewell to Casa De Guillermo's and the little Koy Fish.

Front door of Casa De Guillermo's

The bar off the living room.

Player Piano in the bar.

Gate leading into the tennis court. The bar is on the left side of the gate.  It included a phone, intercom and stereo.

View from inside the tennis court.
View of the tennis court.
The ultimate retreat spot at Casa De Guillermo's. it's large Koy Fish pool was the heart of the estate.  Also notice the enclosed garage on the right, built especially for Bills 1977 Clenet and 1956 T-Bird.

Another angle of the Koy Fish pool.  The sound of
 the fountain and chirping birds made this a place
 of reflection and meditation.

The bench where we sat and watched the Koy Fish while my dad threw out their food every evening.

35 years of Koy Fish generations were boon at the Casa.  They grew large because of the pool they were in. My dad's favorite fish gold and called Goldie Hawn.

Bill and Gloria Williams with Maybelline.  You can see the can of fish food sitting next to my dad, and the Koy Fish coming up the the surface to eat.

My dad, Bill Williams with his sweet poodle, Maybelline.

Sadly the new owner of the property left it vacant for over a year, until he demolished the entire estate and built a modern home.  He left the Koy Fish to starve to death and got rid of their pool.  Hard to imagine but true.

That ends the tour of Casa De Guillermo's.  I hope

 you enjoyed these never before seen pictures and a
 little piece of  Palms Springs history.
 Thank you for following my Blog.

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