Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Original Quiz Kid Mary Ann Anderson

Mary Ann Anderson joined the Chicago's original Maybelline Company in 1964, soon after Ultra Lash Mascara was born.  Up until that time, she worked for the agency that handled Maybelline's advertising account.... but when she was unexpectedly fired... Tom Lyle Williams, realized her talent and immediately hired her as Maybelline's advertising executive.  The funny part of the story is... she still worked with the agency that fired her... however, now as their, boss so to speak.  After the Maybelline-Plough merger, Mary Ann moved to Memphis with Plough and held her position as Vice President of Advertising


Mary Ann Anderson views prospective Television commercials

Stay tuned tomorrow when Plough becomes 
Schering-Plough and moves to Little Rock Arkansas.

My great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams with my father,
 Bill Williams looking at a display of Blooming Colors
 and False Eyelashes in 1973.  Sent to TL from
 Abe Plough, from the new factory in Memphis.

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