Monday, June 3, 2013

Maybelline get's a FACE LIFT to attract exploding youth market and stockholders rejoice.

As disappointed as Tom Lyle Williams and his devoted employees were that the Maybelline Company left Chicago and moved to Tennessee, Abe Plough had a method to his madness.  Plough production and distribution finally got the bugs worked out by 1969 and Maybelline went into full swing... Profits sky rocked and my family's stock doubled.
Maybelline Ad -1969

Great Lash was born in 1971

Blooming Colors introduced in 1972

Maybelline introduces face make up in 1977

1977 Maybelline Commercial Introduces KISSING STICKS

And who better to take over the growing youth market's desire for more, more, more products and sparkling ads, but Chicago's original Maybelline Company Executive Mary Ann Anderson....Stay tuned as her story unfolds tomorrow.

Thomas Lyle Williams Pr. & Tr.
Thomas L Williams Jr Exec VP & Sec
John W Cole VP Pur
Harold W Ragland VP Sales
Harris A Neil Jr Prod
Mary Ann Anderson Adv

Abe Plough Pr
Harry B Solmson Exec VP
R Lee Jenkins VP
John W Cole VP Pur
Herbert H Bunchman Sec
Sam B Hollis Tr
Harris A Neil Jr Prod
Mary Ann Anderson Adv

After Harris A. Neil left Plough and moved to Colorado to start a new career, only one original Maybelline Executive remained with Plough, Mary Ann Anderson. 

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