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Frank Sinatra, Abbott and Costello, Marilyn Maxwell and more, promote 15 year Dorise Van, at the Hollywood Palladium

One of the most popular posts on my Blog.....
 caught the eye of Kris Van Hook, while researching information for his mother, Dorise Van's, Memorial Service.

He contacted me and asked if I'd like to see pictures of fifteen year old Doris Marie Lent...who changed her name to Dorise Van, in the 1940's...when singing with Big Bands at the Hollywood Palladium and Coconut Grove. 

I was intrigued with her story and said yes, because my parents - as teenagers during WWll - danced at the Palladium every chance they could get.....
and might have known her. 

I asked Kris if he had any stories about his mom and Frank Sinatra, and he said, "in 1969, when my mom was singing at the Sahara Hotel in Vegas, Frank was at the Sands with the Rat Pack and bumped into her after her show, on the way to her room and asked her to a "party." I am sure he didn't recognize the 17 year old girl he met in 1944, in the grown up lady before him.....Believe it or not she did say NO!"

Not many young girls sang with Bandleader, singer and Radio Star, Phil Harris, (Married to Hollywood Star Alice Faye.

or hung out with Marilyn Maxwell, her husband, Actor John Conte, and Abbott and Costello.

It must have fun meeting
 cute young crooners like

 Dick Hayes,

and be seen with very glamorous Stars, like  Marilyn Maxwell, known as the other Marilyn.

15 year Dorise Van was the "Darling" of the Coconut Grove - yet few people remember those Old Hollywood Days when,

little Dorise Van's father worked at the Palladium as a waiter, while she attended Hollywood Professional School, being groomed for Stardom.

She was born in 1928 in Philadelphia but because of the depression, her father kept moving west to find work. 

At only 13, Dorise made personal appearances with Phil Harris, Ozzie Nelson and Ivan Scott's orchestra. On local radio stations she did singing and dramatic shows.

As an adult she went on to have a good career as a club singer in Orange County as well as stints in Tahoe, Reno and Las Vegas. 

Eventually Dorise Married and had a family, but never
 gave up her singing career.

For the last twenty years she was in ministry and very recently passed away at 85, after living a blessed life.

 Dorise will not only be remembered as part of Hollywood's history, but will forever be revered as is an inspirational role model, with a Spirit to give unselfishly to others.  

you'll love me original.mp3you'll love me original.mp3
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The year, 1966. The song, "You'll Love Me." The composer, "Richie Carpenter, later known as Richard, the brother of Karen Carpenter of "The Carpenters."

 The artists, a veteran duo, packing in the crowds nightly in the "Round the World Lounge," at the Disneyland Hotel, cutting their first song with Platter records. They are known as "The Two of Us." Their names, Dorise Van and Bill McClure.

Thank you so much Kris for sharing these never before seen priceless memories of your mother's life with me and my friends.

My mother, Pauline Mac Donald-Williams, 16 years old and a member of the Hollywood Studio Club, hoping to have a professional dancing career at MGM.

My parents, Pauline and Bill Williams on their Honeymoon.

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