Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams and his partner Emery Shaver, together for 50 years.

Part of the Tom Lyle Williams and Emery Shaver family, having lunch at  Damon's Steak House in Glendale California, before visiting Forest Lawn, and the tomb of
 their great uncles.

Anxious to see uncle Lyle and uncle Emery's, final resting place, our two families hurried to their Mausoleum.

I was mesmerized at the size of Elizabeth Taylor's monument, by far the largest of anyone at Forest Lawn.

Tom Lyle Williams and his lifetime partner, Emery Shaver, are entombed together in a crypt, in this beautiful Sanctuary.

Unable to be open with their relationship while alive,
 Tom Lyle and Emery are together eternally, in death. 

Ann Williams Corbett, Sharrie Williams, Donna Williams and  Floyd Shaver-Welles, honoring their great uncle's by placing two white roses on their crypt.  We believe our great uncle's, were instrumental in bringing our two families together 40 years after their deaths.

Ann Louise Williams-Corbett, placed 5 roses on the
 Shaver crypt, while their family beheld the sacred act.

We were all struck by this touching inscription: "O For One Hour Of Youthful Joy!  Give Back My Seventh Spring!  I'd Rather Laugh A Bright Haired Boy, Than Reign, A Gray - Beard King."

Upper left,  Mary Ann Welles, Floyd and Patty
 Shaver-Welles, Jeff Welles.
Below left, Ann Louise Williams-Corbett, Sharrie
 and Donna Williams.
The Williams and Shaver-Welles Family at Tam O' Shanter Restaurant in Los Angeles, celebrating Floyd Shaver-Welles Birthday... After a day of visiting our families at Forest Lawn Cemetery. We sincerely believe the Joy in our Spirit brought our loved one's Spirit's, back to life that night.

Some of the original Williams and Shaver's in 1922.  Left to Right...Tom Lyle Williams, Elizabeth Shaver, Bud Shaver, Emery Shaver seated, (unidentified) Ches Haines and Eva Williams (TL's sister.)

In honor of Tom Lyle and Emery, we, as their families, now consider ourselves one family and officially cousins.

Read all about Tom Lyle and Emery and their tremendous contribution to women developing their own identities in the 20th The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.   View of Forest Lawn.

The Williams Shaver-Welles first meeting.....

Thank you Jeff for making this memorable day possible.

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