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I THOUGHT I WAS THE MARY AND SHE WAS THE RHODA... I was disqualified from the Miss Culver City Beauty Contest for trying out for a TV show called Room 222 in 1964.

In June of 1964 I turned 17 and it proved to be the best of times and worst of times for me.

This gives you an idea of what I'm talking about. Gizmag.

entered Patricia Stevens Modeling School, where I learned to stand up tall with a big smile, looking sexy, at car shows and conventions. When that got old fast, I decided being an actress was more my style and found a private drama coach from MGM, where my grandfather, Andy Mac Donald had worked for 50 years... as boss over seven departments.  When a new series was in development at the studio,

 A talent scout saw me in a play called SEVENTEEN, and asked if I'd like to audition for a new TV Show,
called Room 222.

Thinking I needed a quick tan, I stupidly baked in the sun from 9 to 5 and suffered a serious burn on my face, under my arms and in the tender part of my inner-thighs.

Barely able to wear anything on my skin, I was forced to go to the audition in extreme pain, with a beet red face.  Not very attractive I can assure you.... and worst of all, I couldn't remember my lines and failed the audition.... 

Here I am with my dad, Bill Williams, wearing the dress, Dec. 1965, 
 I died my hair black and I looked like I was 35.

My dad knew the director at M.G.M. and asked him how I did.  Not wanting to be unkind...I'm sure... he told my dad that I looked to mature to play a high school kid, even though I was a high school kid..... He said, because I was under age, I'd have to have special tutors and the producer didn't want to pay for it. They were looking for girls who were over 18 and looked younger.

I must admit I did look pretty mature, with my eyes overdone with  Maybelline, and wearing a sexy black sheath with a low cut neckline, that Nana and my mom picked out for me. I may have looked 35 on the outside, but inside I was immature, insecure and unprofessional... and sadly, I didn't get the part. But the good news was the show was shelved for 5 years, so I guess the producers had a hard time funding it or finding the right talent. However, it finally aired in 1969 and became a very popular show.

I THOUGHT I WAS THE MARY AND SANDY WAS THE RHODA.....turns out I was wrong, she was the cutest.
The announcement in the paper about the Miss Culver City Contest, I'm in the middle, # 5, the only blonde.. My friend Sandy Block #6, won when I was disqualified.

Sharrie # 3, Sandy # 4 from left.

Sandy # 3 on top, Sharrie # 4, who is the cutest.....

Well the judges thought Sandy was the cutest and she won.

My big fat ego was deflated after being disqualified during the finals at the Miss Culver City Beauty contest.....for being a professional actress..... Because I was auditioning at MGM...It was humiliating, but, I learned that the more beautiful you are and the more privilege you come from, the harder it is to get a break.

                        I'm the Mary you're the Rhoda

                                            Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion

It hurt me to be cut out of Room 222 and the Beauty Contest, but it taught me why my great uncle Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Company, wanted us kids to remain hidden from the world for our own protection and just be normal kids, with normal lives.

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