Monday, July 15, 2013

Maybelline Heir Bill Williams, AMERICAN CLASSIC, 1977 Clenet, Series 1, number 13 out of 250,


My father, Bill Williams, chose his Series 1 Clenet,
 because it gave him the feeling he had driving in his
 uncle Tom Lyle Willimas, 1934 Packard Victoria.

To a little kid growing up in Chicago,
 his uncles, 1934 Vee Windshield Dietrich Packard 
was a fantasy car.

When Bill turned 16, his Tom Lyle Williams, had this 1940 Packard Victoria, custom made and Bill remembered the thrill of his uncle teaching him how to drive in it. The style, glamour and flash of the Packard was reborn in the Clenet. 

53 year old Bill Williams represented the ideal
 Clenet owner living out the Gatsby Dream.

Clenet Series I, Number 13/250

            In the early 1970’s Alain Clenet had
 a dream to design and build one of the most elegant coach-built automobiles ever produced. He formed a company in Santa Barbara, California with a very small, elite group of craftsmen that helped make his dream a reality.
This is a 1977 Series 1 Clenet, Number 13 of 250. Originally purchased by Bill Williams, who recently passed, this car remains a part of his family’s estate.

This particular Clenet is very rare because it was the last car built on a Lincoln Continental running gear and chassis. After 1977 the running gear on the first series cars changed to a Mercury Cougar chassis with a smaller motor, transmission, and suspension. This particular Clenet has the 400 cubic inch engine with the C6 transmission, large breaks and suspension. There
 were many Series I cars that were purchased by celebrities and used in filming movies and TV
            The car has been in storage for the
 past 7 years and recently went through a preservation
 by Steve Kouracos. Kouracos was one of the original craftsmen at Clenet Coachworks. He set up and managed the body and paint division. The car is 100% original, including the 35 year old lacquer paint job.
            We hope you enjoy viewing this piece of automotive history as much as we love showing and displaying it to others.

-The Williams Family

400 cubic inch 2v v-8 engine
Select shift automatic transmission C6
Four-wheel power disc breaks
2.75 rear axle ratio  

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