Friday, July 12, 2013

RETRACTION: A behind the gate look at Jennifer Aniston's Bel Air property in the 1960's, when it belonged to Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams

Tom Lyle Williams at the gate at 900 Airole Way,
 Bel Air California


Driveway up to the house.

The front of the house.
The open garage with Tom Lyle Williams , Every Shaver and Arnold Anderson's automobiles.
Tom Lyle Williams with Sparky

The Statue ASPIRATION, inside the entrance..



My cousins, Chuck and Nancy Williams with Ann Williams-Corbett and her dog Frenchy

Tom Lyle Williams in his livingroom.

Tom Lyle Williams with his niece, Annette Williams Corbett.

Donna and Sharrie Williams sitting on the ottomans
My grandmother, Evelyn Williams
 with Mabel and Chet Hewes

My sister's, Donna and Billee and my
 brother, Preston Williams


Tom Lye Williams with his sister Eva Williams Haines on the left and her daughter Marilyn Haines Westhouse-Gary.

Tom Lyle Williams with his sister's, Eva Williams Haines, on the left and Mabel Williams Hewes,  ( Maybelline's namesake) on the right.

Left to right, Mabel Williams Hewes, Arnold Anderson, Eva Williams Haines and Emery Shaver.

Mabel, Tom Lyle and Eva with Sparky and Snoopy.

When the Hollywood Freeway took Tom Lyle Williams, beloved Villa Valentino, in the Hollywood Hills, he bought this private estate,  (second to top of the hill in Bel Air,) in 1950.  His friend, Arnold Anderson's brother was the Architect who built this ultra modern steel and glass home with sweeping 180 degree views of Los Angeles. The view was even more spectacular at night with all the twinkling lights of the city.Today this property is owned by the Movie Star, Jennifer Aniston.

This property is the backdrop for many of the stories I write about in my book, The Maybelline Story.  Purchase a signed copy from me today, by just clicking on the picture of my book. 

Thank you to my cousin's Ann Louise Williams Corbett and Andrew Westhouse for sharing these wonderful pictures.

My Publicist Shannon Donnelly at LCO, will be sending Jennifer Aniston a copy of The Maybelline Story, with a personal note from me enclosed.

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