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Athena Karsant interviews Sharrie Williams...Karsant is an internationally renowned master cosmetic, corrective and paramedical tatoo specialist

Guest Blogger: Sharrie Williams author of The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

Sharrie Williams
I am so very excited and honored to have my second guest blogger (the first was my daughter Krysten)! Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story. She is the heir to the Maybelline legacy, is Tom Lyle William's great-niece and the granddaughter of Evelyn Boecher Williams. I am so excited to have the beautiful and wonderful Sharrie on my blog this week and I know you will enjoy every word below - I surely did! 

As a blogger yourself, what advice can you give others and myself about the blogging world?

I find it incredible how a blog grows organically just by showing up at the computer everyday and posting good material.  Three years ago I was excited to receive 66 hits my first month.  Now I can't believe I have over 35,000 hits a month.   Of course adding Twitter followers has been a big boost and Facebook expanded my online presence as well.   

Like Mabel in the book that burnt off her eyelashes on a hot stove, can you share some of your makeup secrets?

After I finish putting on my eye shadow I dab the tiniest bit of eye cream on my lids. This is an old Hollywood Movie Star secret I learned from my grandmother.  Another favorite trick of mine is, once I have my face make up and powder on, I buff it with a terrycloth washrag so it doesn't look thick and dull.  I also blot the oil during the day with rice paper or sometimes even a piece of a toilet seat cover in a public restroom.  Try it you'll be amazed. 

What is your must have Maybelline product?

I still use Great Lash mascara. The number one mascara in the world and I like Maybelline mineral Power make-up. (It looks great after being buffed.)

What inspired you to write this book?

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