Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Silent Film Star Mildred Davis "INSPIRING CHANGE"... Maybelline was a simple idea that answered the call of women everywhere who desired enhancement of their natural beauty.

Nobody inspired change in Women's Culture like Tom Lyle Williams and Maybelline. In 1919 he contracted Lovely leading lady, Mildred Davis, star of Harold Lloyd Comedies, to recommend Maybell Beauty Aids. That endorsement opened the doors for American Women to make a stand for beauty and there was no going back once that door opened.

In 1919 women clamored to buy their Maybelline. Beautiful ads in the popular magazines impressed them, and retail stores continue to purchase small amounts of Maybelline. The gravy load of purchases continued through mail orders from the classifieds, but more and more women asked their drugstores to carry it, as now it was okay for women to drop the Victorian image, dress up and use cosmetics. The mass appeal and market for cosmetics was assured with the advent for the dime store. Tom Lyle changed the copy of his ads from “mail order” to “obtainable at your cosmetic dealer.

 Tom Lyle also changed the packaging to an elegant little red box with gold script and an oval portrait of a suitably prim Gibson Girl type with especially lovely eyes. Inside was a cake of mascara with a tiny mirror and application brush as bonus items. By rubbing the brush back and forth across the cake, women everywhere could then easily stroke their eyelashes into long, dark lovely wisps. It was a simple idea that answered the call of women everywhere for simple solutions to enhance their natural beauty.

International Women's Day 2014 has the theme 'inspiring change' and celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women, while focusing world attention on areas that still need further action

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