Monday, March 10, 2014

You're Invited to Attend Sharrie Williams, Maybelline Story Presentation, March 29 at the Motte Historical Car Museum

RSVP requested by March 25th.  For more information and to purchase tickets please call Katie Keyes
 951-956-9081.  You can pay at the door, but must let Katie know you plan to come to guarantee a dinner.

Sharrie Williams with her great-uncle, Maybelline Founder, Tom Lyle Williams,
 one of a kind 1940 Packard Victoria

Motte Car Museum  Step back in time and enjoy a fun evening as Sharrie Williams unfolds The Maybelline Story with vintage Maybelline Ads and Maybelline family photos on the big screen.

Upon entering the museum, you are greeted by decades of history from the Roaring 20’s to the Nifty 50’s. The interior encompasses life size nostalgic photos, a 1950’s malt shop diner, and an art deco Cinema. 

The Maybelline Story and the Sprited Family Dynasty Behind it video.

Visit Sharrie Williams Hilarious Vintage 1964 Saffrons Rule Blog at

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