Monday, April 21, 2014

MAD MEN'S Don Draper sends the 1960's out with a bang... Maybelline changed hands in 1967

While Sterling Cooper and Partners continue adding clients

Don Draper is one hot mess. Sleeping until noon, eating Ritz crackers for breakfast and living with his new roommate... a gigantic cockroach  

Don Draper is still trying to pretend he’s not an unemployed alcoholic.

Last Season of Mad Men will decide Don Drapers fate.

Here is what I was doing during 1964 as a teenager living in Southern California... trying to break into Hollywood.

Went to the TV Premiere of Marlo Thomas’ “That Girl” and loved it!!!

August 25, 1964. Tuesday. Went to a TV Premiere.
The rabbit got out so we called the SPCA. They said they found one so we went to get it, but it wasn’t ours. It was next door the whole time. Pearl got sick so we didn’t go to the beach. Nana came over and let us use her car. My sister Donna, her friend Teri Thompson and I went to Toes. It was ugly and cold. Tonight Pearl, Donna and her friend Linda Kline and I went to a TV Premiere. It was really good! We got to rate the show. It’s called “That Girl.” After, we drove around Hollywood and went to Pandora’s Box. We saw the Marauders playing there. I was so sad because it wasn’t Byron’s band the Marauders. We went to the Purple Onion, but couldn’t get so finally went to Woodies and got Hot Fudge Sundaes. Also, Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins was released today.
saffrons rule that girl
Marlo Thomas “That Girl”  became my all time favorite TV Show as a Teenager.  I wanted to be just like her in every way and I never missed a show. I loved her clothes, shoes, make up and hair.
saffrons rule Pandora's Box
Pandora’s Box The Club was a very cool club that let teenager’s in.  It was actually more of a Coffee House and a Hollywood hot spot in 1964.
saffrons rule woodysmorgasburger
Woody’s SmorgasBurger was the best burger joint ever and you could make up your own burgers and your own Sundae’s with the works.  My family had been going there since I was a little kid in Grammar School.
Saffrons Rule Marauders
I still hadn’t given up hope of snagging Byron Ferguson, the drummer in the Marauders… from Westchester High School.  But this wasn’t his band.

Ultra Lash was launched in 1964, featuring a Black Girl  endorsing the new product.

Tom Lyle Williams, founder of The Maybelline Company

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