Thursday, May 15, 2014

40 year reunion with my old boyfriend, sparks memories of the sale of the Maybelline Company in 1967

I had a 40 year reunion with my long time boyfriend, Al Hall, recently and it sparked many memories from our time together in the late 1960's.....After the Maybelline Company sold in December of 1967, my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, Lawyer, insisted we all move on to greener pastures and that my sister Donna and I find more suitable future husbands.  Al was the lead singer and bass guitar player in a band called the U.S. Males at the time and played at the most popular dance spot in Westwood Village, near UCLA in the heart of Los Angeles.  At 19, it was the best place in town to hang out, because you only had to be 18 to get in.   So, for several years I could be seen dancing at "Mom's" until 2:00  while Al played, most every night.  However, once my parents moved to Newport Beach in 1969, my life changed radically and Al and I parted.  The most amazing thing is, Al, eventually stopped playing in Beer Bars and enjoyed a very successful sales career in the Electronics Industry.  So, you just never know what the future will bring  when you're still so young.  

Excerpt from my book, The Maybelline Stoy

As my parents started building their big house on the bay, with a fifty-foot yacht already parked at the dock, my sister Donna and I struggled with the suggestion of Tom Lyle's lawyer, Mr. Spindell, that we stay conservative "like the Nixon girls."  Apparently, this meant we should get rid of our going-nowhere boyfriends.  Mr. Spindell said we needed to bring professionals into the family; finding a doctor, lawyer or businessman was the only way to go.

Al serenading us at our home in Culver City, right before the Maybelline Company sold.

Here I am with Al Hall, on one of our first dates.  I met him at a dance place, called the RF Club, in Los Angeles, January 1967 and we were together until 19 January 1971.  

Al and Sharrie, after the Maybelline Company sold and my family moved to Newport Beach California.

Below, find two past Blog Posts I did on Al and Sharrie

The Sale of the Maybelline Company completely changed my

While my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, was negotiating the sale of the Maybellne Company in 1967..... which can only be described as..... "the calm before the storm,"..... there was a special guy in my life, who helped me survive the changes, in one piece, while having fun, fun, fun..... 


By the late 1960's, a new venue for dancing to live bands, came in the 

form of..... neighborhood Beer Halls.  

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