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Maybelline New York "Please bring back Ultra Big Ultra Lash Waterproof Mascara" says my Guest Blogger Deborah Oxley

Deborah OxleySharrie Williams

 However, I was unable to post a comment so I am doing it here in almost desperation. I am 56 years old and have spent a large not small fortune on trying new mascaras since Maybelline discontinued "Ultra Big Ultra Lash Waterproof Mascara." I have long straight lashes so they have to be curled.

This was the ONLY mascara I have EVER had that.......did not wilt my curl; did not even wilt in the shower if I put a wash cloth over my eyes; it even would look better on day two or three due to being able to add another layer; was not brittle; did not flake or smudge; had a wonderful conditioner in it; the brush was the bomb; I got so many compliments on my lashes; mostly asking if they were false, but they were not...just great mascara.

 I cannot say enough great things about that mascara and was shocked when it was taken off the market, especially when I started trying other mascaras. I used to love my eyes and got some many compliments. Not any more. I wrote Maybelline about a year or so after it was discontinued and got no response. Please! What can I do to help bring this mascara back on the market. It is selling on a well known site for $75 a tube. I don't know how many they have in stock and it HAS to be old even though never opened. I just can't justify spending that much money on something I loved so much and then not being able to get it again.

 Seriously, Maybelline needs to wake up and listen to everyday women. Have you seen the mascara brushes all brands are pushing on us these days. Way, way too big around. And don't even get me started on the actual product. Waste of money. I bought 3 more different brands just yesterday and threw all three away this morning when getting ready for work. So frustrated! Can you help? Thanks for your time and reading my story.

Comments from ladies wishing Maybelline New York would bring back Big Ultra Lash Mascara!!!

ULTRA BIG ULTRA LASH UPDATE FOR ALL THOSE WISHING TO HAVE IT BACK..I finally found the Ultra Big Ultra Lash Mascara on Ebay and paid $29.99 for it. It is the ONLY mascara that keeps my lashes curled and soft. Maybelline Great Lash is awful, I makes lashes hard and brittle and does not keep the curl! I called Maybelline after receiving my Ultra Big Ultra Lash because my lashes now look like they did when I was 25 because of this mascara. WHY did Maybelline discontinue??? WHY?? PLEASE bring it back! It's selling for $50.00 to $75.00 per tube on the Internet! PLEASE! Pamela. MAYBELLINE ULTRA BIG ULTRA LASH MASCARA

Helen Tanguay February 19, 2013 6:20 pm I agree with all lovers of this mascara. I have used it as well, since my teen years and never had need to give it up till it was sadly discontinued. It was the best ever mascara of all time for me. Went on perfectly with no globs or clumps...smoothly, evenly, naturally and it kept the curl. It lengthened beautifully as well. I received so many compliments way back when, on my eyelashes. The brush was the best design ever. I HATE those big fat brushes out there that don't allow any control whatsoever. I have never been happy with any mascara since, (and I have been searching for over 20 years. PLEASE bring it back! on MAYBELLINE ULTRA BIG ULTRA LASH MASCARA

I was more than disappointed when I was unable to find this mascara. I was just telling my 3 daughters this morning, on the way to school and they were apply mascara, talking about their new mascaras. Yes, they all use something different and have their favorites. Well be the stay at home mom with no makeup on, yet, I had to chime in on the fact that there's not a mascara in the world that could touch UBUL! I have used it since I started wearing makeup and when they stopped making it, I went to every store buying up all they had. For over 10 years now I have tried every brand and every brands type! Still to this day 1/20/2013 NO SUCCESS! Now the girls are like "mom, try to see if they have repackaged it under a different name, you know Google it". So I did and came across this site. PLEASE tell me they will bring this back or sell the recipe for it to a brand that will! Robin Pierce, Atlanta GA on MAYBELLINE ULTRA BIG ULTRA LASH MASCARA I truly feel as if your email today was heaven sent! Unfortunately, they are out of stock at the moment and I am anxiously waiting their reply. Thank you so much for taking the time to refer their website to me. PS - just came home from shopping and the fresh peaches were on sail. I am going to try your Aunt Mabel's recipe for peach cobbler. I saw a video link for you actually making it and it looked delish! You made my day twice today, thank you.

I'm thinking of doing a poll here on the Maybelline Book Blog to see if enough people would like me to petition Maybelline New York to bring back "Ultra Big Ultra Lash Mascara"  leave me a comment below if you want it back.

Which one of these Maybelline New York Mascaras... is your all time favorite... Mine is number 4...

Number 1...

Colossal Volume Express...Lush Collagen formula and claw brush fill out lashes up to 8 x the volume with fabulous cat-like corners, instantly.

Number 2...

XXL Extensions  Up to 85% visibly longer lashes

Number 3...

Mega Plus Volume express. Maybelline New York's first gel-mousse mascara with 40% less hard waxes for massive volume with a supple touch.

Number 4....

Great Lash Mascara...The iconic pink-and-green tube was inspired by fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer, but it's what's on the inside that makes Great Lash a true wonder. The spiral-shaped brush is designed to coat evenly, and the formula dries in seconds for fuller lashes with one quick swipe. ($6.40; at drugstore

Number 5...

One by one Volume Express...It's Patented Lash Catcher™ brush has 3 bristles per lash to make every lash count wild!

Number 6...
The Falsies Volume Express...has a wand that follows the shape of your lash line, so it's a cinch to reach every last lash. It gives you dramatically glam lashes—even providing a little curl—with no clumps or flakes.

Every 1.7 seconds a Great Lash is being sold someplace in the world.

And it all started with with Tom Lyle Williams, his sister Mabel Williams and brother Noel J. Williams.....  
98 years ago...

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