Monday, December 8, 2014

Enter to win a signed copy of The Maybelline Story! ...Athena Karsant is an Internationally renowned Master Corrective and Cosmetic Tattooist in Beverly Hills and San Francisco.

Here's my prize from Athena's 12 days of Christmas Giveaway!! I love Mabelline! Athena Karsant Jeff Dornik Krysten Karsant Dornik ❤️

Here's the winner of Athena Karsant's 12 days of Christmas giveaway.  Angie Mertens!Here's my prize from Athena's 12 days of Christmas Giveaway!! I love Mabelline! 

GIVEAWAY 5 - The Maybelline Story

If you know me, you know that I love to read and learn,
 but I absolutely have no time to read. This year one of
 the very few books I did read was The Maybelline Story.
 I just couldn't put this book down, and I know you won't
 be able to either. 

I am so excited to share this amazing book with you and the
 incredible story of the Maybelline Family. Sharrie Williams
 is the author of The Maybelline Story. She is the heir to the
 Maybelline legacy, is Tom Lyle William's great-niece and
 the granddaughter of Evelyn Boecher Williams. I am so
Fooling Mother Nature
 excited to have this
 beautiful and
 masterpiece that
 Sharrie created. 

The Maybelline story is about a young 19-year-old
 entrepreneur who rides the ups and downs of life while
 building a little company called Maybelline. It’s also about
 his incredible sister-in-law, Evelyn Williams, (Sharrie's
 grandmother) who is so deeply affected by vanity it leads
 to ultimate destruction.  In the midst of all the drama she
 grows up trying to sort out what's real and what has real
 value.  The book is a rags to riches story with an interesting
 moral in the end you won't forget.

I can't wait to tell you that two of you have a chance to win a
 signed copy of this great book! That's right - this giveaway
 will have 2 winners! Click on this link to enter and find out
 how you can win!

Winners will be announced the 16th of December! Here is a
 picture of my daughter and Sharrie Williams taken last
 week when she picked up the signed copies! 

Remember you can enter every single day to win one of the
 giveaways - AND even get extra entries - just click on the link!

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