Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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I'm the girl on the right, in this picture in the newspaper, January 14, 1965.  One of the lead players in my High School Play, "Home Sweet Homicide."  I was in the drama department at Culver City High School and my dream was to be discovered have a Film career.  But, that didn't happen.  Here's why... follow my new blog, Postcards to my Fairy Godmother for another hilarious adventure
Can you imagine the time it took to dress up everyday.

I lost my High School Year Book in the 1993 Firestorm that destroyed my home in Laguna Beach and haven't seen it since.  For Valentines Day a friend sent me these pictures from my Culver City High School Olympian and I'm so happy to finally have a missing piece of my past back.  

I hope you have something special happen for you as well...

Making up for the Senior Play, looking the same as always.

I was very proud to be a National Thespian and part of the Theatre community. I wanted to be an actress and a Maybelline model and was very involved in my aspirations.

Always had to stand out. I'm the blond in the double breasted coat,
 in the picture on the left.

I always wanted my name on the Marquee!!!

Here is the cast from Home Sweet Homicide. Can you pick me out of the lineup.

My 1964 High School Diary is now a blog called Saffrons Rule come visit me when I was 17 at

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